Little Golden Book Love

Most of us can remember growing up with Little Golden Books, the little gems that captured our hearts at the store while our parents shopped. Books like The Poky Little PuppyScuffy the Tugboat and my favorite, Wonders of Nature, caught our attention with their distinctive gold foil spines, colorful illustrations, and exciting adventures. I remember scribbling my name in many Little Golden Books throughout my childhood. These little books were like friends.

“Joining the Little Golden Book family of authors and illustrators is a dream come true!”

The first twelve Little Golden Book titles hit the shelves in 1942 during wartime when picture books were expensive, and money was scarce. At 25 cents each, Little Golden Books were affordable for most everyone. Today, with hundreds of titles available they continue to delight, and are still affordable—at about the price of a greeting card!

These little books are not just for children; adults love them too. Collectors rummage through piles of books at thrift shops and garage sales looking to find that illustrious 25 cent first edition to add to their collection. I have a small but beloved collection of my own.

Imagine my delight when my agent called with news that I had an offer from Little Golden Books and then again with offers for three more books! I had to pinch myself! Joining the Little Golden Book family of authors and artists is a dream come true.


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    • Thank you! Aren’t they fun to collect? The old ones are hard to find. When my sweet sister finds one in her city, she surprises me with Little Golden Book mail! Yes! Follow your dreams, they have a way of coming true! 🙂

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