How Do You Haiku? A Step-By-Step Guide with Templates—Now Available!

I am happy to welcome this “how to haiku” handbook into the world (for ages 8 & up)! I fell in love with words from the moment I met them and wrote my first poem when I was eight years old. This is the book I wish I had when I was young. A book that would not only teach me simple ways to understand and write haiku but one that also said that my words were worthwhile, and my poetry was worth sharing. This book is part technique, part pep-talk, and part wordplay with a whole lot of templates and haiku crafts. I hope you love it as much as I do and will share the love by introducing it to kids, teachers, librarians, and parents.


An excellent resource for at home or in the classroom.

From the author of Peek-A-Boo Haiku (Simon & Schuster) comes a haiku how-to handbook. Haiku is a Japanese poetry form, but it’s more than just a short, three-line poem. It’s an opportunity to slow down, go outside, and experience the world in a new way. Haiku is a “snapshot” of a moment in nature (if you blink, you might miss it!), and it’s a powerful way to show compassion for all living things.This book will help you understand haiku so you can create poems with powerful words and images.

Each chapter contains examples from Japanese haiku masters and current poets. The included activities and templates will guide you through fun ways to “haiku,” including painting poem stones for your garden (Kuhi), creating haiku comic strips, and writing group poems with your friends (Renga). How Do You Haiku? This handbook will show you how— step-by-step.

Includes haiku by contributing poets Kate Coombs, Nancy Etchemendy, Matt Forrest Esenwine, Raven Howell, Linda Hoffman Kimball, Amy Losak, Bobi Martin, Angie Quantrell, Sydell Rosenberg, Lee Wardlaw, and Linda Whalen.

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Smith starts off with her definition of a poet, which is clear and accessible to the child reader.
But don’t be fooled – this book will work for haiku writers and masters of all ages! Smith’s
structured approach to haiku will surely inspire children to express themselves and their
emotions through poetry. And as a bonus for parents and teachers, it’s a fun exercise in
perception, learning the seasons, following directions and accepting a small challenge!

For those who rise to the challenge, Smith provides a strong foundation to understanding the
genre, as well as the tools to write one. And, as yet another added bonus, she inspires the child
to take a ginko – a quiet walk through nature to observe and consider the world that surrounds
them. Step by step, she leads the reader to find inspiration, capture a moment in time, count
syllables, navigate the differences in form, and review their work with a helpful checklist. Five Stars!”

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—Director, Rate Your Story / Reviewer, Peek-a-boo Reviews  

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and e-book formats

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