Choo Choo! A New Board Book is Chugging into Stores Soon

I love it when I get to share a new cover for an upcoming book, especially when it’s a chunky, train-shaped board book for my littlest readers! Wake Up, Freight Train! will be released by Little Simon on March 1, 2022, but it’s available for pre-order now (see below for links). I’m in love with the colorful illustrations by Jon Andersen!

Hop aboard this train-shaped board book that introduces each car of a freight train during a nighttime adventure!

Blow the train whistle, shovel more coal.
Here we go, freight train! Get ready to roll!
Toot-toot goes the horn, Blink-blink go the lights,
Clang-clang goes the bell, all through the night.

Featuring all the cars of a freight train, this board book is perfect for young readers who love trains! And since freight trains ride at night, there are adorable sleepy animals throughout for little ones to find.

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