10 Things We Can Learn from Picture Books

In order to raise compassionate, happy, and confident children, there are certain life lessons they need to learn and understand. Lessons about empathy, love, kindness, and deeper, more difficult lessons like death and war. Through the magic of picture books, kids have a way to explore the lessons that they may not experience in their everyday life. Picture books can take children around the world to places they’ve never been and allow them to walk in the shoes of the characters from the safety of their homes. Scroll below for a list (click on the book covers)—perhaps you’ll find some books you’ll want to share with your little ones.

1. Be Grateful

2. Science is Cool.

3. It Feels Good to Laugh

4. We All Belong

5. Embrace Who You Are

6. Poetry is Fun!

7. The World is Bigger Than Your Neighborhood

8. Be Good to Planet Earth

9. You Are Not Alone in Your Grief

10. Take Time to Relax

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