Book Crew 2022 Launch Team: Cue the Confetti

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 20 plus years of writing books for kids, is that the community of children’s book writers, illustrators, and creators are wonderfully supportive. We share the ups and downs of this rewarding and yes, difficult at times, business with one another and I feel blessed to have made many life-long friends along the way.

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Celebrate Picture Books: National Reading Month

Celebrate Picture Books reviewed The Hawk of the Castle for National Reading Month! Fly on over to the blog post for an in-depth look at this beautiful picture book illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline. Plus, test your knowledge on falconry with the activity guides and coloring pages.

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The Story Behind the Story: The Hawk of the Castle

Recently, The Hawk of the Castle was featured on The Story Behind the Story on Literally Lynne Marie‘s blog. Many of you know my father was a falconer, but not many know of my unusual childhood filled with a menagerie of animals. My upbringing, in hindsight, filled my writer’s mind with bits of nesting scraps to later weave into stories. Learn all about why I wrote this beautiful book (as my father battled dementia), and how it came to be by clicking on the link above or the book page below.

Little Golden Book Love

“Joining the Little Golden Book family of authors and illustrators is a dream come true!”

Most of us can remember growing up with Little Golden Books, the little gems that captured our hearts at the store while our parents shopped. Books like The Poky Little PuppyScuffy the Tugboat and my favorite, Wonders of Nature, caught our attention with their distinctive gold foil spines, colorful illustrations, and exciting adventures. I remember scribbling my name in many Little Golden Books throughout my childhood. These little books were like friends.

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Merry Christmas: Peace, Love, and Books!

Isolation at home for nearly nine months hasn’t been as difficult for me as it has been for some. I’ve worked from home for more than 20 years, so I’m used to spending the majority of my time at my desk with my dog, Peanut, creating new books (with walking breaks in between verses, prose, and page). Sure, I have missed things like sharing my books with children, attending writing conferences and signings, the yoga studio, and spending time with friends and family. And my grown kids, I really miss my kids! But there have been some bright spots to 2020 too:

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How Poetry Inspires my Picture Books: Author Interview at Cynsations

I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Linda Joy Singleton, a reporter for CYNSATIONS, where we chatted about how my love of poetry influences my picture books, the turning points of my writing career, and my out-of-the-box promotion adventures.

Danna Smith at SCBWI conference in Los Angeles
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Two Thumbs Up for Arctic White

Book reviews are a wonderful way to dip your toe into the waters and decide if you want to dive into a book. So as we make our way into winter, I thought I’d share a couple of the cool reviews Arctic White has gotten over the years.

Mason’s mommy sent this picture to me. It’s always so fun to see littles loving my books!
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Babies Love Board Books! Swallow the Leader

We are happy to announce that SWALLOW THE LEADER is now in board book format! This is not a tiny board book but a 10 x 9 LAP Board Book that’s big enough for one-on-one fun or sharing with a group.  This edition is sure to elicit grabbing, chewing, giggling and hugging from the tiniest book lovers! Plus, look below for fun downloadable activity pages.

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Balloon Trees has a Birthday!

Hip Hip Hooray! I can’t believe it’s been seven years since Balloon Trees was released. Since then, I’ve had loads of fun sharing the story of how a balloon is made, from it’s beginnings as gooey sap in a tree to its completion at a rubber factory with kids of all ages! Read on for teacher guides and fun balloon crafts to share with your curious little ones.

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