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Fiction Picture Books & Board Books

Picture book Mother Goose's Pajama Party

Star light, star bright, come to story time tonight

You're invited to a magical slumber party with all your nursery rhyme friends! Join Little Bo-Peep, Georgie Porgie, Miss Muffit, the cow that jumped over the moon, and all their pals as they march merrily toward Mother Goose's house for a cozy slumber party full of stories.  And after they are all tucked in continue to the back of the book and find a section with your favorite nursery rhymes.​

picture book Arctic White

Journey through the tundra to see the northern lights

A young girl looks around her home in the Arctic and sees only white, white, white...but one day her grandfather takes her on a journey through the tundra.  And at the end of their cold walk across the ice, they find something special that brings color into their world

picture book, Swallow the Leader

Nothing fishy here! A delish addition to story time

An expressive group of cheerful fish play follow the leader in their ocean habitat, unaware that a shark lurks in the background. Count the fish from one to ten as each joins the game, then count back down to one when the leader snacks on a sea spider and sets off an unfortunate chain reaction (swallow the leader!). Luckily for everyone, fish number ten—the shark—gulps down his prey too quickly, and burrrrrrrp! they all swim out again. Available in picture book and lap board book editions.

picture book, Pirate Nap

What better place for naptime than a grand pirate ship on the high seas?

Two boys use their imaginations to turn everyday objects into colorful pirate treasure as they prepare for naptime. With a bouncy rhymed text and fun illustrations this charming book teaches little ones their colors while making a great read-a-loud. Even the youngest readers and listeners will want to be part of the fun as they get ready to sail off to sleep! 

picture book, Dos en el zoologico

The Bilingual Board Book Edition of Two at the Zoo

Two at the Zoo is now in an English and Spanish bilingual board book edition that's just the right size for tiny hands!  The bilingual text is set in two colors for easy reading. From 1 black bear to 10 hairy wart hogs, a boy and his grandpa count their way through a zoo full of friendly animals.  

Un nino y su abuelo cuentan deside 1 gran oso pardo hasta 10 jabalies peludos, mientras pasean por un zoologico lleno de simpaticos animales


A new picture book is coming—you can count on it! (hint hint)

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Nonfiction Picture Books

nonfiction picture book, The Hawk of the Castle

An Illuminating Ode to the Ancient Art of falconry.

Join a young girl and her father, the falconer at a medieval castle, as they experience the joys of taking a goshawk out for a training flight. The girl leads readers through all the preparations and equipment needed for the flight — from the hawk’s hood and bells to the falconer’s gloves — culminating in a dramatic demonstration of the hawk’s hunting skill. Bagram Ibatoulline’s masterful illustrations capture the vivid details and beauty of a day spent hawking, while Danna Smith’s poetic storytelling will make readers long to experience the art and sport of falconry firsthand.

Danna supplements her poetry with sidebars and back matter with falconry facts and historical context.

Balloon really do come from trees, rubber trees! Balloon Trees picture book

Balloons Really do Come from Trees...Rubber Trees.

Ever wonder how a balloon is made? Follow the journey of a balloon from its beginnings as gooey sap in a tree to its completion at a rubber factory. You’ll be surprised to discover what a balloon started out as and how it becomes the bright, air-filled decoration that you enjoy today. 

Includes 4 pages of learning activities in the back of the book plus online quizzes (click cover see activity guides). Aligned to standards by CORE, NGSS, State and Grade.

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Book, Springtime Babies

The perfect Easter or baby shower gift, fun to read all year long!

Join the barnyard parade as Pony and Gray Goose go in search of animal babies just born on the farm. There are "bunnies in a basket and ducklings in a row," and of course piglets and fluffy lambs! But there are more babies to love when all the animals find the farmer and his wife holding their very own twins!  

Little Golden Book, Rocket-Bye Baby

When stars begin to twinkle in the night sky, it's time for an outer-space lullaby.

Join a mother and her baby as they fly in their own little rocket through a star-filled night sky, past constellations and meteor showers, in this dreamy good-night book. A gentle rhyme and beautiful artwork of stars and planets and mother and child make this a perfect good-night book when the stars come out. 

A perfect bedtime read to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!

Little Golden Book, The Colors of Summer

A colorful day at the beach

Spend a fun-filled summer day at the beach and discover the bright colors all around. Kids will love finding their favorites, from purple flip-flops and orange sand shovels to green towels and blue waves. This bright summer read will have little ones eager to visit this colorful beach time and time again. A perfect companion to The Colors of Winter!

Little Golden Book, The Colors of Winter

The feel of a cherished classic

Preschoolers will enjoy this lively poem about all the festive colors of winter. They'll gaze at the cheerful, textured illustrations of a girl playing outside on a snowy day until it's time to warm up inside--over hot cocoa with Grandma. A perfect companion to The Colors of Summer!  

Out of Print Titles


Counting is more fun when Grandpa helps!

From one black bear to 10 hairy warthogs, a boy and his grandpa count their way through a zoo full of friendly animals.  Colorful pictures and bouncy rhyme invite even the youngest readers and listeners to chime in and join the fun. 

Check out the bilingual board book edition of Two at the Zoo (Does en el Zoologico) still in print.


A Cowpoke Spends the Day with Grandma

Danna Smith's Debut picture book. When a little boy gets set to spend a day a grandma's, he's really preparing  to go on the cowboy ride of his dreams.  with his imagination in tow, he and is pardner (brother) ride their horses (Mom and Dad) to meet their ranch hand (Grandma). After having a great day doing all the things that cow folk do, this fantastic adventure ends in a reassuringly way as the cowboy and his "horse" are reunited just in time to be tucked into bed


Let your Imagination Soar!

On moving day an enterprising little boy bids farewell to his fears. By playing pretend, he turns the scary unknown into an out-of-this-world adventure! In his handcrafted rocket ship the astronaut boldly sets a course for Mars, but as soon as he touches down on the unfamiliar terrain, he has a close encounter with a new life form! Never fear for this brave Marswalker knows how to deal with the stranger in his midst...he lets his imagination soar!