Activity Guides

Further the picture book fun!

Choose from a wide range of downloadable activity guides designed to work with my books. These guides are jam-packed with math, reading, writing, art, and science —loads of learning fun!

Peek-A-Boo Haiku

Learn how to write Haiku with this easy and fun worksheet or look for hidden animals in this downloadable Peek-A-Boo Haiku Memory Game for younger readers.

The Thank You Book

Thanking is easy. Thanking is fun. Here’s a way to thank someone! Download this happy little thank you postcard and print it in color on heavy paper. You’re welcome :). You might also like this Thankfulness Jar activity that gives children (and adults) a place to collect all they are grateful for.

Rooftop Garden

Do you wish you could encourage more helpful local insects into your garden? Let’s make Seed Spheres to scatter and grow in the garden when the time is right. Plus, you can make your own mini garden book blooming with fun garden activities!

One Blue Gnu
You can count on tons of fun with this “gnu” activity guide! Identify objects (then find the images hiding in the book), make a “pizza,” then count the toppings, color One Blue Gnu, trace the names of Gnu’s friends, and talk about the book with discussion questions before, during, and after reading, plus more!

Swallow the Leader
Nothing fishy here! This activity guide is filled deep as the ocean with fun things to do. Draw and count your favorite color fish, sing songs, make a paper flag and play Follow the Leader (the leader gets to hold the flag), and count goldfish crackers, then pretend you are a shark and eat them all up!

Mother Goose’s Pajama Party

Kids, grab a copy of the book and throw a pajama party for all your friends with this SLUMBER PARTY KIT! Here, you’ll find printable party invitations, goosey name tags, fun games, easy snacks to make yourself, and even a Georgie Porgy doorknob hanger to mark your reading spot!

The Hawk of the Castle: A Story of Medieval Falconry

Big kids will have fun testing their falconry knowledge after reading The Hawk of the Castle with this comprehension Q & A. And little readers will enjoy this castle maze.

Balloon Trees
This amazing 30-page activity guide is bursting with learning fun. Enjoy math cards, color pages, vocabulary games, compare and contrast, comprehension, writing prompts, and making your own rubber! Plus, don’t miss the four pages of Creative Mind Activities here and at the back of the book.

Arctic White
Finish your journey through the tundra with this activity guide for all ages. Draw a picture of the northern lights, practice writing and storytelling with a colorful exercise, make cool snow for sensory play, test story comprehension with Q & A, and play a game that’s as bright as the Aurora Borealis.

Make your own Little Golden Book
Kids will have fun making their own Little Golden Book with this Penguin Random House downloadable activity. Their creation will be complete with Little Golden Book’s trademark golden spine and a special “This book was created by” page ready for their autograph. Just download, print, staple, and create!